April 25, 2016

Electrical Distribution

Current Switch Panels

We will be changing out these old BEP panels and refitting a new AC and DC panel most likely to a Blue Sea Systems type, will also be relocating the panel to a more accessable location.

Wooh what a mess

Yep thats the culmination of 15 years of add ons, bit of work to do here. Note no cover on the AC thats a no no thats gotta be sorted.

Not any better in other places either

Looking around the Boat there is just wire every where, we are in the process of drawing up a distribution schematic using Visio and with the help of Bosse in Sweden shareing his already well laid out schematic its giving ( Grasshopper ) Steve and I great start.

More carnage :0)

We are just about to start this project once the panel has been redesigned.